Hicri: | Miladi: 19 Nisan 2024

Joint Resolution of International East Turkistan Symposium

Allah Almighty said: “And if they seek the help of you for the religion, then you must help”.

Prayers and peace be upon our beloved Prophet Mohamed, who said: “The believers in their mutual kindness, compassion, and sympathy are just like one body. When one of the limbs suffers, the whole body responds to it with wakefulness and fever". At the forum of cultures, the center of civilizations, and the capital of the Ottoman Caliphate, Istanbul, the Muslim World responded to the call for the first international event to support the East Turkistan issue, between 11-13 Dhu al-Qa’dah 1443 AH, 10-12 June 2022 AD. In the presence of a group of scholars, intellectuals, politicians, media professionals, and human rights activists; from more than 40 countries around the world, their hearts were united by Allah’s love and their words came together as a solid structure in support of the oppressed, and response to the sorrow of the tortured and the forcibly disappeared in the unjust and brutal communist prisons of China. By the will of Allah, the Most Merciful, the Symposium activities were launched under the slogan: (Assemble for East Turkistan), which will be the onset of success in the path of struggle, end for the East Turkistan genocide, and support for the cause of East Turkistan people who struggled for decades to liberate their occupied homeland again. That is their guaranteed right by the Islamic religion, all divine religions, and international conventions.

The Symposium aimed to introduce comprehensively the East Turkistan issue as one of the most important humanitarian issues of this era and to discuss and consult to come up with serious and effective practical steps, based on Islamic, humanitarian, and legal responsibility, whereby every Muslim man and woman must move to do what he can to support his Muslim brothers and sisters in East Turkistan.

The participants of the symposium call for full and uncompromising adherence to East Turkistan people’s right to sovereignty over their land, restoring their violated rights, and condemn Chinese aggression crimes, war crimes, and systematic genocide, and denounce the global and international silence towards the human rights violations in East Turkistan. They call for an effective boycott of Chinese products and urge not to be deceived by China’s dangerous economic expansionism with imperialist incentives through debt trap to exploit the resources of countries and occupy them indirectly. They demand governments and Islamic countries, as well as Scholars and Ulemas to adopt the cause, defend it as a humanitarian, religious, and moral duty, and request foundations and media channels to support the East Turkistan issue, and publicize it, by various means.

They strongly condemned the genocide being committed by China against the East Turkistan people, and horrific crimes, including prisons and concentration centers are filled with innocent men and women, which are amounted to approximately 5 million to 8 million according to UN reports, the forced marriage of Muslim women to atheist Chinese, forced sterilization, rape of female prisoners and minors, separating sons and daughters from their families, preventing communication among family members neither inside nor outside of East Turkistan, demolishing mosques or converting them into discotheques and museums, burning the Qur’an and religious and cultural books, desecrating Islamic sanctities, criminalizing Islamic features like Hijab and Islamic clothes and imposing Chinese culture by force through schools, courses, and various activities. To cover up and conceal these crimes, China prevents human rights and humanitarian organizations, journalists, and activists from accessing and revealing the truth.

Representatives from Turkiye, heads of Ulemas unions, various institutions, members of parliaments, and the muftis of some countries participated in the Symposium, as well as numerous channels and media attended to convey the Symposium's activities and programs.

The participants appealed to countries and governments in the world, and various organizations, institutions, and bodies, especially Islamic countries and the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, to pay attention to the East Turkistan issue and make it an important part of their main agenda in meetings, conferences, and consultations, to sanction on China.

The organizers and participants sent a message of thanks, and gratitude to the government and people of Turkiye for their support of the East Turkistan diaspora, and their generous hosting of the First International Symposium, hoping that this support and containment of the issue will continue, praying that the Almighty Allah protects Turkiye and its people from all evil and harm, and perpetuates its security and stability, and to make it an asset for Islam and Muslims.

East Turkistan Muslim Scholars Union